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We are the fastest growing Home Services company in DFW. We are growing because we provide LEGENDARY SERVICE every time we get invited into a home. What does that mean?
Our people strive to create a memorable experience for every client making sure that they feel cared for and valued. When clients feel this way, they remember us and they tell their neighbor, friends and family!
The reason our service professionals go above and beyond for our clients is because we go above and beyond for them! Just as we expect legendary service to be provided to our clients, our people can expect LEGENDARY SUPPORT from their leadership! We strive daily to give our employees the best working environment possible while making it fun and fulfilling along the way.
If you excel at providing great service with honesty and integrity, strive to improve daily and you're looking for a fun, family atmosphere where we are BETTER TOGETHER; look no further!
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Since I started working here, I’ve never once doubted the leadership team or the direction of this company. Our leaders are passionate about the employees, company and directions. It creates an engaging and fulfilling work environment that I am extremely grateful to be apart of.

Inside Sales

I’ve always had a passion for serving others, and I love working with my hands and problem solving. OTE has created a culture that takes all of those to the next level. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this team. I’ve never worked for a company that values its customers more or takes care of its employees better. It truly is an honor to be apart of this family.

HVAC Technician

I enjoy working at OTE because of the core beliefs we exhibit daily.  A company that makes you feel valued, part of a family and has the true interests of their employees in mind is an invaluable asset that excites me to perform at my best.

Service Manager

What Our Employees Have To Say

Paid medical insurance for employee


Paid vacation and sick time

Best pay and bonus opportunity in DFW

7 Paid Holidays (Including your birthday)

Dental, vision & life Insurance

We offer competitive benefits including:

You LOVE fixin’ stuff. You LOVE MAKIN’ PEOPLE HAPPY EVEN MORE. Ya put smiles on the faces of moms and kids, ’cause you think of everyone you meet like family.

You’re neat, clean, and ROCK SOLID HONEST. Drug tests and background checks never worry you. A fun Saturday for you is taking things apart and putting ‘em back together again.

YOU WANT MORE than your current job’s givin’ you. You’re a fast learner. Neighbors call for everything from a busted garbage disposal to changin’ spark plugs. Lately you’ve been thinkin’ it’s time for your family to come out on top, You want to BUILD A CAREER and do better for your spouse and kids.

It’s your pleasure helpin’ families experience comfort in their home. We WILL train you to be the top HVAC fix-it gal or guy we KNOW you can be. YOU WON’T BE WORKIN’ ENDLESS HOURS that keep you away from your family. I’m talkin’ 40-45 hours a week with vacation and everything

Exciting Careers at On Time Experts

We offer competitive benefits including:



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